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We aim to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost.   

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KYRRC's Reentry Point is a one-stop shop to assist men and women starting their journey on living a sober and healthy lifestyle. The recovery center has a dedicated staff and describes themselves as “Boots on the Ground” in the fight against addiction.  

The resource center helps recovering addicts who are reentering the community after leaving treatment centers or being released from jails and prisons.  Many are homeless and have nowhere to turn.  When they leave treatment, KYRRC has a long-term sober living community to take them in.  When they leave jail or prison, KYRRC is there to help them find a job, improve their computer skills, and change their way of criminal thinking.  And for ex-offenders with a history of substance abuse, there is a bed waiting in the sober community that has transformed hundreds of lives.

Our clients come to reentry point and we get them stabilized.  Once they enter our program, they will receive professional treatment services.  Consumers also receive assistance to help them identify occupational interests or prepare for higher education as a nontraditional college student.  

We promote fostering a therapeutic environment for reentry clients battling to get a foothold on normalcy and independence.  Our client focused teams educate participants on specific career pathways during career exploration classes, and conduct mock interviews. We integrate cognitive behavioral therapy into college and career readiness programs; this helps reinforce positive role model behavior and increases client success rates.

We network with many other community partners that are integral to providing specialized wrap-around services and support. Housing providers, veterans groups, assessment providers, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers and faith-based organizations all play a role in providing the critically needed programs and services to help our reentry citizens get their lives on track; instead of jails, prisons and institutions. 

Our program has an already established network of sober living homes that support men, women, and pregnant women.  We currently sustain over 150 beds for our consumers who voluntarily choose to live long term in a healthy sober living house.  While a resident, we help our clients obtain employment, go to college, and take advantage of our recovery and skills development programs.