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In a time of economic uncertainty, many federal student loan borrowers are struggling to repay their loans because they lack the knowledge, skills, and financial resources to repay successfully.  KYRRC has partnered with to fight the battle for men and women struggling with life and in default on student loans.   

The State of Kentucky has the 3rd HIGHEST student loan default rate in the nation.  The majority of the default rate rests in Louisville. 81% of minorities have to borrow money to pay for college.

This project will provide consumers with activities, tools, and techniques to rehabilitate their defaulted student loans and prevent future default. Louisville has more than 5,000 students entering into default each year! The majority live in poor and disadvantaged neighborhoods.  There is a tremendous need in the Louisville metro area to help poor and disadvantaged college students navigate the complex loan repayment process.  Nontraditional and 1st generation students need additional tools, resources, and support to escape the default trap.  KYRRC and ARE HERE TO HELP!

Kentucky Recovery Resource Center understands the importance helping sober living men and women build and sustain healthy relationships with significant others, children, and extendedfamily members and significant others.  Family Reintegration & Retention (R&R) Night is a family reunification program that benefits men and women who are in recovery. 

The Family R&R program is scheduled for the second Friday of each month, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Clients, families, and the community benefit when socially challenged citizens are able to establish healthy relationships and family structure. The program includes food, games, socializing, and an open mic for the men and women in recovery to say thank you to their loved ones and express their appreciation, hopes, and dreams.  

Student Loan Rehabilitation

2nd Chance Student Initiative

Partnership with

KYRRC is working in partnership with At Risk Solutions to bring awareness to West Louisville and college campuses concerning violence associated with binge drinking. The Stop Violence campaign  is targeted at colleges and neighborhoods with hihg levels of violence. The goal is to help reduce violence in at-risk communities.

At Risk Solutions is a professional advocacy organization that specializes in program development for targeted populations that have been negatively affected by social issues; such as drinking.  The developer of the program is n nontraditional graduate student and Director at Kentucky Recovery Resource Center.  



Avoid Binging. Control Drinking

When an adult man or woman is starting a new life of recovery, or reintegrating back into the community from the criminal justice system, we are here to help them prepare for the challenges of sustaining themselves long term in a competitive work environment. 

Many consumers from underrepresented and academically challenged groups jump from job to job to job.  Our goal is to help them improve career writing skills using Microsoft Word.  Consumers who are able to write professionally, precisely, and develop a project plan, increase their opportunity for long term workplace sustainability.  It’s much easier to get promoted if you can create and manage Word documents.  In this course, consumers learn how create, edit, and format simple documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents.  Clients work in project teams to simulate a real workplace environment.  



We are in a battle to fight the ravages of addiction in our great city. Here in Louisville, and in Kentucky, we have a rich history and tradition of finding ways to fix our current problems while holding on to the unique perspective of compassion and brotherhood.  We are Kentucky and we are uniquely Louisville.  Our unbridled spirit is unmatched.

Kentucky Recovery Resource Center has organized a walk for sobriety awareness called Louisville SoberWalK.  The event takes place annually during Nationally Recovery Month in September.   

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